Availability Calendar

Availability Calendars for Multiple Properties

If you have more than one property, we make managing availability calendars on a group of holiday rental properties very easy.

With one login you have access to all the calendars and you can easily see the availability status of all properties together on one page.

The Multiple Calendar Availability Display

As well as the feature rich availability calendar that is displayed for each individual property, you can display all the availability you have on all your properties simultaneously with a table like the one illustrated on the right of this page.

This means that at a glance any visitor to your site can get a comprehensive and quick knowledge of what properties are available and then, at a click, go straight to the property they are interested in.

Multiple availability calendar example

The Availability Search Display

This display allows a visitor to search for availability on all the properties you have on an account.

This compact display allows some very simple criteria to be entered along with the dates. From the results a visitor can then click straight to the available property or properties page.