Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar - for any Holiday Cottage, Chalet, Villa or Holiday Rental Property

The Holiday Availability Calendar system has these main features.

  • An easy to understand display, so that anyone viewing will quickly see what dates are available and what dates are booked.
  • This display can be embedded any page or pages that you choose on your holiday accommodation website.
  • An easy to operate administration system so that the holiday accommodation owner or administrator can quickly and easily add a booking, edit details of a booking and when necessary delete a booking.

Availability calendar example

Always accurate and up to date

Any changes you make through your Holiday Availability Calendar availability administration system are immediately updated on the availability display on your Holiday Cottage, Chalet, Villa or Holiday Home website.

A choice of booking displays

You can can show a range of days as reserved, booking confirmed or just not available.

The Multiple Calendar Availability Display

If you have more than one property on your account you can display all the availability you have on all your properties simultaneously. More >>

This means that at a glance any visitor to your site can immediately see what properties are available and then, at a click, go straight to the property they are interested in.

Total Control

You can also choose to have the display show either just availability or just tariffs or both (the default setting).

Be independent of other systems that might tie you into their business model. With our calendar you have full control of availbility and pricing.

Synchronise with other calendars

It is easy to sync your bookings on Airbnb, Homeaway etc. Calendars with your calendar. More >>

By selecting what calendars to sync with, you retain total control of the calendar that is embedded in your website.